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Where is “The Language of Love” filmed?


Another reality show is looming on the horizon. More hopeful singles will try to find love in The all-new Channel 4 series The language of love. Hosted by Davina McCall and Spanish TV host and actor Ricky Merino, the new series will see a group of Brits and Spaniards team up in an idyllic location, despite not speaking the English language. other. The new bilingual program asks “Can sparks fly even with a language barrier to overcome?” »But where exactly is The language of love filmed?

Broadcast on January 4 The language of love takes place in a “dream” Spanish estate, Finca in Andalucia, because let’s face it, finding love in a sunny Spanish climate is far more romantic than a blustery British destination. And some look of the trailer, the temperature is not the only thing that heats up …

Inside the estate, newly formed couples from the UK and Spain will participate in challenges and tasks to help them test their connection and learn more about their respective countries, cultures and languages. As Channel 4 explains, “At the end of the series, international lovers will be faced with a big dilemma: quit smoking, stay together at a distance, or maybe moving to a new country to be with their new love.

While many other popular reality shows such as ITV Island of love are known to take their competitors to dream places across Europe, The language of love promised that the next show is totally different from mainstream competitions like ITV The island of love.

Talk to the digital spy, The language of love Host Davina McCall pointed out that the new series is “different from so many other dating shows in so many ways. First, the contestants are different from the usual types of contestants you would find on a dating show. They all are. invested in the search for love.

“There is no cash prizes to be won. There is no huge vacation anywhere. The prize is love. So they are prompted to find love and not fame and success.” , she said. “The other thing is, because of the cultural differences, it’s so funny. Sometimes it’s so hilarious in unexpected ways.

The language of love begins on Channel 4 at 10 p.m. on January 4, 2022.

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