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10 good reasons to travel now


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Book late, stay flexible: top tips for stress-free travel

While many of us have been stressed by travel restrictions in the age of Covid, others may find the relaxation of these restrictions a little baffling. Will travel be safe now that the world is opening up again, masks are scarce and social distancing is evaporating? We all have to come to terms with our own anxieties, but remember that most of Europe has much lower infection rates than the UK, and several countries including France, Italy, Portugal and the UK. Spain, have higher vaccination rates. And to reassure you a little more, removing some requirements and simplifying others makes travel less and less stressful – provided you plan well. Here are some key tips:

Book cautiously

The adjustments to the traffic light system, and the sharp reduction this week in the number of countries on the red list, is great news. So are the growing number of countries reopening to British travelers – including the United States and Canada. But we are not yet completely out of the woods. The rules are always subject to change, not just here but in the destination you wish to travel to. So remember to book later than usual, maybe two to four weeks before your scheduled departure date.

Look for flexibility

Whether you’re booking late or planning ahead, it’s always important to keep things flexible. So make sure that no matter which tour operator, hotel, or airline you book with, you’ll be able to rebook if you need to – with no penalty fees. Overall, booking with a tour operator will give you much better protection in the event of cancellation or financial failure.

Make sure carefully

The level of Covid coverage on different policies still varies wildly, so check out our guide to choosing the right policy here.

Sort your tests

For vaccinated travelers, the end of pre-departure testing this week removed a key stress point. You no longer have to spend every vacation worrying about an unexpected positive result preventing your return home. But you still need to book your day two tests (gov.uk/guidance/travel-to-england-fromanother-country-duringcoronavirus-covid-19) and check your destination requirements before you travel – the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Travel Advice website (govt. United Kingdom / foreign-travel-advice) is a good source for this.