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Greece and Turkey discuss in secret, but Turkey openly snips | greece, politics


S – Without a word on what was said during a 63rd round of low-level exploratory talks between Greek and Turkish officials in Ankara, the spokesman for Turkey’s ruling AKP party said that his country would not shrink from its territorial aspirations.

“The blue homeland is our red line, it is an integral part of our homeland,” said Omer Celik, adding that “we will fight for the blue homeland and we will pay any price,” said Kathimerini.

This was in reference to a doctrine devised by former Turkish naval officers Cihat Yaycı and Cem Gürdeniz in which Turkey claims vast swathes of the Black Sea, Eastern Mediterranean and Aegean Sea, and offshore energy drilling. from Cyprus.

He also called on Greece and Cyprus to abandon “their maximalist conduct in the Aegean Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean,” said Kathimerini. Turkey also claims the waters around the Greek island where it wants to search for oil and gas.

This stance kept diplomatic approaches in limbo, and a 62nd round of talks earlier this year ended in inconsequential gossip sessions that came to naught just like the others.

They are designed to reduce tension, but Turkey has used them to heat up and alternate between pretending to want diplomacy while using belligerent language to claim Greek territorial seas.

Celik mentioned that Turkish warships were warning of the Maltese-flagged energy research vessel Nautical Geo near Crete where it is licensed by Greece to operate, and he also told Greece to withdraw his troops from the Aegean Islands near the Turkish coast.

Taking a few snaps as Turkish and Greek officials chatted behind closed doors, he said Greece’s deal to buy warships from France would not protect the country, nor would a mutual defense pact France. -Greece.

“What they need to understand is that the countries you mentioned will not be with you when needed, but Turkey, as your neighbor, has always been there for you when needed, and if you have any problems, Turkey be the first to respond, ”Celik said.

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