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A summer getaway at home


You had a dream vacation by the sea, swimming in the sea, enjoying barbecues at the bach, usually just relaxing with your friends and family. You feel carefree and rejuvenated.

Should it end as soon as you get home? Hopefully not. Through the color and accent elements, there are ways to blur the lines between home and vacation, making your accommodation more like the spaces you relax in, allowing you to enjoy a fashionable style. easy and airy on a daily basis.

To bring a vacation vibe to your home year round, let color be your guide. Draw on the colors of nature that are so important during the summer months, such as the azure of the ocean, the cornmeal blue of the cloudless sky, the lush green of the native bush, the red tropical hibiscus in full bloom and the warm yellow of the sun. Let them inspire you to find the colors that create your idea of ​​paradise at home.

Pick a color palette from a place you love to visit and use it as inspiration for your paint palette, says Kate Alexander, Creative Director of Places & Grace. “Certain color combinations are reminiscent of places – the blue and white of the Greek islands, the warm and rusty terracotta of Tuscany or the bushy green of Piha,” she says. “Your vacation setting doesn’t have to be throughout your home; choose the room that also reminds you of the holidays, that is, a place where you will enjoy large family dinners around a common table or a quiet reading space.

“Warm creams in neutral tones such as Resene Rice Cake or Resene Cararra give a Hamptons feel,” says Amy Watkins, color consultant at Resene. “This is where blues come in, like Resene Powder Blue or Resene Periglacial Blue from the Karen Walker Paints collection, or something deeper like a mix of green and blue in Resene Artemis for an aesthetic Cape Cod. Light orange tones appear, like the pale terracotta orange mustards baked in the sun in Resene Thumbs Up.

Stylist Melle Van Sambeek says that when she thinks of summer, she envisions fresh, light colors that evoke a feeling of luminosity in the sun. “I like to use colors in the interior along the lines of cool white in Resene Half Alabaster or Resene Black White,” she says. “They make everything light and airy, and everything goes with it. White is such an amazing color to use to showcase your beautiful items and add the crisp, crisp feel of summer.

For the more adventurous, try a slight hint of sunshine in the form of Resene Chorus Line as a feature wall, says Melle. “It can evoke the happy feelings that summer brings. For water undertones, Resene Slipstream is a lovely bathroom shade or try Resene Quarter Emerge as a softer shade to bring you back to lounging on the beautiful beaches of Nouvelle. -Zeeland.

Nautical stripes are a nod to summer. “The wide stripes add a distinctly coastal character to any room. Especially in shades of sun washed blue such as Resene Half Emerge, Resene Quarter Duck Egg Blue and Resene Half Inside Back, combined with cool whites such as Resene Quarter Ecru White, Resene Half Wan White or Resene Half Rice Cake ”, explains stylist Annick Larkin. “Scratches shouldn’t just be on the walls either. Try painting stripes directly underfoot and dress up with an oversized jute or sisal rug, bamboo shades, and natural wood decor to bring that laid back, seaside vibe.

Blue / gray tones like Resene Half Dusted Blue, Resene Slipstream, and Resene Half Periglacial Blue reflect that laid-back beach feel, Annick says. “Natural seagrass, dark wood and classic black-and-white decors blend beautifully with this palette. “

However, muted colors are not excluded, says Annick. They have their place in a house that looks like a vacation. Warm grays such as Resene Cloud and Resene White Pointer reflect the colors of beach pebbles and driftwood and are more reminiscent of a calm, cloudy day on the beach, she says. “Warm grays are neutral and timeless, providing the perfect backdrop for a bold accent color.”

Greens provide a feeling of the outdoors, hope, rest and positivity whether you adopt sage, moss, or pale earth tones at Resene Cabbage Pont, Resene Rivergum, or Resene Peace. “Seagrass greens in Resene Quarter Titania, Resene Carefree or Resene Secrets are ideal choices for a casual color palette,” says Annick. “They work well with the natural elements of wood, seaweed and potted greenery.”

Why not try a pearly finish? Resene Pearl Shimmer is a pearlescent acrylic glaze ideal for creating soft iridescent wall finishes and sparkling features to add visual interest and diversity to any color scheme, says Annick. “Think of it like the pearl of an oyster shell or the pearly surface of a perfectly smooth shell,” she says.

Tap into a romantic bush retreat, with lots of wood mixing with Resene Alabaster walls and Resene Colorwood Greywash hardwood floors. Add luxurious textiles to linen curtains, oatmeal throws, large cushions and ottomans. Creeping plants can be hung from the shelves, and the lighting in bohemian-style paper shades can cast a warm glow in this setting in the evening as the doors open onto the bush.

For a bohemian and tropical beach vibe, bring these warm sunset-like roses, jades and oranges. Resene Glamor Puss, Resene Whiskey Sour, and Resene Java all respond to this Hawaiian palette. Top it all off with patterned cushions, rattan furniture, and gorgeous botanical table cloth topped with colored glass jugs and containers for those hot temperatures.

Transport yourself to the Greek Islands and the Mediterranean with their iconic mint green and turquoise colors. Look across a hill on one of the great Greek islands and these colors are scattered across the whitewashed houses as far as the eye can see. Keep your palette pale to replicate these whitewashed stone mansions, adding a signature wall here and there in a blue-green, try Resene Kumutoto and plenty of painted accents in Resene Aqua. A touch of lavender with Resene Wonderland takes it one step further, as does Resene Hopbush’s pink, reminiscent of island bougainvillea, bringing this beautiful palette to life even more.

For help getting started with your decorating project, ask a Resene Expert at your local ColorShop Resene or on the Resene website with the free Resene Ask a Color Expert service or the free Resene Ask a Tech Expert service.

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