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“If Ibiza is open, why not Corfu? »Questions about countries and islands that meet the Green List requirements


Vacationers have been advised to delay booking summer trips until 22 more countries have been added to the “green list”, it has been suggested.

Countries and territories, including the Balearic Islands of Ibiza, Menorca, Mallorca and Formentera, were moved to the green list without quarantine last week.

But a number of popular hot spots such as France, Greece, Italy and mainland Spain remain in the amber tier, reports the Liverpool Echo.

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Passengers returning to the UK from these locations must self-isolate at home for 10 days, making the holidays unsustainable for many people.

Travelers are awaiting the next review of Green List countries to see if their chosen summer vacation destination will be included.

A Teessider who booked flights to Corfu this summer said: “There are hardly any cases on the island, they have six today, but it is still on the orange list along with mainland Greece.

“If people can go to Ibiza, why can’t they go to Corfu?

Former British Airways chief strategy officer Robert Boyle said 22 more countries are now meeting the threshold to be included on the green list – however, Greece and the island of Corfu are not on the list.

He told the Telegraph that all destinations had infection rates below 20 cases per 100,000 population and with less than 1.5% of all tests performed returning a positive Covid result.

All 22 countries listed currently have amber status.

Mr Boyle said: “There doesn’t appear to be anything in the data that the government says it is using that explains why they are languishing on the Amber List at this point.

“I’m sure the answer is political in some way, but there doesn’t even seem to be any obvious political logic as to why two seemingly similar countries are ranked differently.”

Countries that may be eligible for the green list:

– France

– Italy

– Austria

– Bulgaria

– Hungary

– Romania

– Poland

– Norway

– Vietnam

– Denmark

– Slovakia

– North Macedonia

– Czech Republic

– Estonia

– Finland

– Lebanon

– Liechtenstein

– Lithuania

– Luxembourg

– Moldova

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