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12-month payday loans for bad credit -Check online payday lenders bad credit

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Holidays, holidays, weekends – unexpected expenses can happen to us anytime. Until recently, we had tied hands-on non-working days – the banks ended their work on Friday afternoon, so we could not apply for a loan until Monday morning. Fortunately, now we can get money at any time without leaving home!

Non-bank companies are increasingly enabling clients to borrow money twenty-four hours a day. Thus, they also offer their services on Sundays and holidays, which are days on which until recently acquiring any additional funds bordered on a miracle.

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Therefore, in selected institutions, you can not only apply for an online payday loan for bad credit regardless of the time of day or night but also enjoy cash even several minutes after your application has been approved. However, if you want to apply for an online payday loan for bad credit, one basic condition must be met.

In order to receive a loan at the weekend, in addition to the standard requirements used by loan brands such as e.g. the right age or the need to confirm Polish citizenship, the customer should have an account at the same bank as the lender. Transfers between accounts at the same banks are usually booked faster, which is why cash can go to the borrower the same day.

However, the above rule will only work for institutions that make transfers on weekends. When looking for the right loan for you, check if your bank transfers transactions also on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. If so, choose a lender who maintains the account in exactly the same bank as you.

Also, remember that weekend loans are only granted during business hours. On the other hand, these hours on non-working days may differ from those applicable in the week – usually, the working time of loan companies over the weekend is shorter. When applying for a loan, consider how long the company has been working on a given day. If the lender finishes work at 18.00 and you submit an application for 17.55 the chances of getting cash are rather poor.

What if no lender has an account at the bank where you just keep the account? Loan companies usually have several bank accounts, so this should not be the case. However, if this is your case, look for a company that uses the option of fast transfers. With this service, you will be able to receive money, regardless of the bank where you keep your finances.

Where is the best loan for the weekend?

You already know that getting money over the weekend requires having a personal account in the same bank as the loan company or finding a financial institution that uses the fast transfer service. Looking for such lenders, you will quickly find that there are several companies on the market that are able to meet your needs. So how do you choose the best among them? It is enough to compare offers in terms of criteria such as:

  • loan costs

Many companies have a free offer for new customers. So let’s reach for the brands that you haven’t used yet. Thanks to this, when returning the loan on time, you only pay back as much as you borrowed. And if you are a regular customer of loan companies, remember that the prices of individual payday loans in various non-bank companies may differ slightly.

Be sure to check whether you accidentally have any discounts or access to promotional offers for loyalty to a specific lender. Don’t be afraid to enjoy such privileges.

  • way of confirming your identity

You can usually confirm your identity by bank transfer or a special application. The second method is definitely a faster solution – especially if you apply for payday loans on the weekend. Ultimately, however, it depends on you which option you use. Choose a lender whose form of customer verification is the most convenient for you.

  • allowable repayment period

Non-bank companies usually borrow money for 30 days. On the market, however, it is easy to find lenders who offer payday loans on weekends, e.g. for 45 or 60 days. A longer repayment period means more time to get the funds necessary to settle the debt. Take this into account when choosing a lender for you.


Applying for payday loans at the weekend requires a bit more effort than on business days. You need to find a company that works at the right times for you and check if you have accounts in the same bank. Sometimes it will take more than “five minutes”, but the offer of lenders operating over the weekend is so wide that you will certainly find an institution that will immediately provide you with money.